Changelogs/ December 2016

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Changelogs/ December 2016

Changelogs/ December 2016

The changelogs of game in December 2016 are available for you to update.

Dec 15, 2016

  • Banana trees, banana food! It is the high-level land food type. Lion and above can eat them. Of course, it’s very easily reachable by gorillas!
  • Coconut is also a high-level food in game. They appear in special trees.
  • Octopus animal! They are equal to crocodiles. Press W to disguise it as many common items. Octopus immune to squid ink.
  • Fixed pufferfish bug where pufferfish stunts the prey. This unique hunting ability will help it approach near the target.
  • There are six new USA servers, 4 for New York, 2 for Cali.

Dec 14, 2016

  • Mobile users can run in game while holding W key.
  • Hint: You are able to play the game with only the mouse. The right click replaces W key.
  • Fixed 5M+ XP server crash bug
  • Crocs and hippos can swim faster.
  • Crocs can head through berry bushes.
  • Pufferfish can re-puff 6 seconds after they puff up.

Dec 12, 2016

  • You can select to spawn in oceans or land.
  • Selective branching! You can choose the animal you love to upgrade them when you level up.
  • Selective branching will unlock loads of potential for
  • Tip: selective branching will provide land and ocean animals depending on the place where you stay when you level up.
  • Gorillas are good at climbing hills. But, they are pretty slow on land. They are the option upgrading from lion/ stingray.
  • Gorillas are also the good swimmers.
  • Gorillas can speed up 20% faster on hills.
  • Rhinos buff: They can move through mud 2x faster, stun for 1,5s with the horn. + Rhinos are possible to swim quickly as bears. They can go through water spots in the short time.
  • All creatures in game can hide in ocean whirlpools.
  • Pufferfish can only stay puffed for 8s max. They have the longer recharge time. Besides, the stun time from puffed mode is reduced for predators.
  • Rebalanced the speed of the high-level fish
  • 5% more XP will be kept when respawning.
  • Swordfish swims much faster.
  • Your speed will not decrease when walking on hills in mud/water.
  • Ocean animals can be upgraded to ocean animals while they are in lakes.
  • The + food interface will show every food when spawning.

Pro Tips:

  • For animals in game such as turtles and below, you will only receive land animals on land, ocean animals in the ocean. You can change to another branch by hitting the better level in the appropriate place, for example, on land, to become the land animal.
  • Additionally, the level-up location will count when “choose an upgrade” interface occurs for animals turtle+. So, you can be a water animal or land animal.
  • Kraken can resist infection from jellyfish stings.

Dec 11, 2016

  • There are 17 New Servers, 4 for Russia, 11 for Brazil,1 for Australia, and 1 for Singapore.
  • Servers are divided by region.
  • Big Update is coming!
  • Orcas introduce a blow-hole when underwater.

Dec 7, 2016

  • Puffer Fish animal! Puffs when pressing W. Your animal will grow double size. You can hurt anything and take ~40% bite less damage.
  • Swordfish! Press W to rush at the high speed, do extra damage on impact!
  • The killer whale is the ocean animal which evolves from the crocodile. They can breathe quite well on land. They will blow water out when diving.
  • Servers are limited per lobby game.
  • Kraken’s whirlpool section will exist ~0,5s.

Dec 5, 2016

  • Kraken animal is an ocean version of the dragon. They have a whirlpool ability which can suck any animal in reach (release W to use, every 12s).
  • Kraken’s tail can’t be bitten during the first 2s of their special attack.
  • Low graphics setting of game can hide New and the food interface.
  • Shark is equal to the hippo in the ocean branch.
  • Turtle and crab move much faster on land.
  • Pigs can swim almost as fast as a croc!

Dec 4, 2016

  • You can see the new food or animals to eat.
  • Oceans are 50% larger.
  • Fixed underwater flicker invincible bug
  • Stingrays own a +1,5s extra delay when diving after shocking.
  • Fixed leaderboard wrong rank# bug

Dec 2, 2016

  • Stingray shock will not hurt you when you are underwater. They can only use shock every 8s and multiple shocks at one time.
  • Oceans are 10% wider. They contain less lily pad.
  • Sand islands are more spread out.
  • Rhinos can’t push through hills when they charge.
  • Rhinos slightly stun with a horn charge. Also, they can’t shoot water.
  • Fixed the bug where bears can be bitten on hills in oceans.
  • Cheetah is able to eat lily pads.

Dec 1, 2016

  • There is new stun mechanic in game, being stunned slows down movement and turning.
  • Stingray can use electric shock to damage all animals in range. Press or release W to do that.
  • Squid can shoot ink when they are injured. Press W or left click.
  • Ink will stupefy every animal on contact.
  • Jellyfish will knock unconscious and damage animals which have bumped into their tentacles or their back.
  • Fixed the bug where spawning in oceans, animals can spawn at random as the ocean or land animals when they were born with +XP
  • Dragons are smaller. They can enlarge when they get enough XP up to 5000K.
  • Plankton bushes are easier to detect. They are bigger. Only turtles can pass through them.
  • Water spots on land are bigger.

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