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About Gang Warz:

Fighting for control of the streets is not easy at all, but that’s what you must do in Gang Warz! Say hi to this action-packed 2D Shooter IO game online for various epic challenges. You can have your fighting skills tested in it too. When the battle is kicked off, you will enter the streets to fight against lots of enemies from across the world. You will come across advanced AIs, vehicles, many weapons and plenty more items to see. Pick them up quickly then use them to shoot down everything that lies in your path before you end up meeting your doom. Also, you can get into a car, drive it through the city and use its ability to finish off more enemies. You can work with other friends to take on tougher enemies if you want or play alone yourself. You aim to become the most dangerous gangster in Gang Warz game! Good luck to you!

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Use arrow keys or WASD to move, key G to drop items and the left mouse to use items. Click the mouse to drive the car, press key Esc to exit it, key W to use its ability and spacebar to disable turning.

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