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About Galaxystrife:

Galaxystrife is taken in space here players have to shoot down each other and vie for their own victory. You’d better have your skills ready for this fantastic battle then see if you can survive till the end. In Galaxystrife, you must take control of your spaceship well, navigate your way through many dangers, such as flying bullets, shrapnels and explosions. There will be plenty of projectiles coming to you, make sure you elude all of them while attempting to launch your attacks. Don’t forget to collect stronger weapons, special skills or even energy orbs of dead enemies to power up yourself. You should also use your own smart strategies to get an upper hand on others! The most important thing is that your ship must be well protected all the time, in case it takes massive damage, the game will be over. Prepare yourself for this awesome battle in space now! Hope you have a blast with it!


Use the mouse to move your ship, left click to fire, right click to use special abilities. 

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