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About Drednot.io:

Drednot.io is a good 2D shooter game with a cool crafting system that you need to master because it will allow players to build a battleship that they expect. It is about a fun-addicting title where you are required to develop and complete a dreadnought ship with a crew before setting sail seas to fight against other rivals. In Drednot.io, you are able to take part in some forces to work together with other people and produce a mighty vessel for a short time.

Access Drednot.io, it’s simple to pick out what types of ship to generate. It’s possible to put up a small and fast vehicle or a big warship which is full of armor and weapons. Besides, you are recommended to craft materials or guns not existing before. Additionally, you do not ignore ammunition. In Drednot.io, you must prepare for enough ammo, especial during combat. Are you willing to involved in such an interesting team-based multiplayer challenge and conquer the top spot? Good luck!


Use WASD to move or climb a ladder, Space to jump or exit the ladder, Left mouse to interact, Right mouse to use items, Q to drop them, Hit Enter to chat, Tab to view scores Scroll the mouse to zoom, press C to fast zoom

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