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About Drakes.io:

Drakes.io lets you direct giant dragons in order to compete against numerous opponents from across the world. You should be ready for this merciless fight and try your best to become the ultimate winner. It will be so fun to ride on a fire-breathing dragon into the fight. You will have to burn down many different objects just to build the size of your dragon. It will gradually become the larger and stronger dragon for sure! During the course of the fight, be sure to stay away from the fire from other enemy dragons if you don’t want to get burned down and eliminated. Getting killed will force you to begin the game from scratch, so do not let this happen! You should use advanced strategies to outsmart your opponents and give them no chances to win. You must turn your dragon into the best one to dominate the arena of Drakes.io. Let’s enjoy the game now! Have a blast!


Control the movement of your dragon using the mouse.

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