- in 2D shooter, Free For All
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About is a tank robot 2D Shooter game from the IO games series. Get ready to battle against lots of other enemy bots in an aggressive arena. You direct a single bot and arm it with several exclusive abilities. features more than 20 various abilities for you to pick from so you can make your bot strong and robust in combat. You can even merge the abilities with each other if you want, and by doing so, you can generate a powerful bot that is able to stand their own in the arena. When you fight, make sure you deal a huge amount of the damage to your opponents until they are completely finished off. Defend your bot at the same time too! If it soaks damage from others, you may meet your doom easily. You have to keep your bot alive for as long as possible to conquer this arena. Give this IO game a shot now! Good luck!

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Direct the movement of your bot using arrow keys or WASD. Click the left mouse, right mouse or spacebar to attack enemies.

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